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      Danielle Powers began her professional art career at Nickelodeon as a modeling and surfacing apprentice when the studio first launched it's CG department. After that, she pursued a path of background painting and visual development. 

      She started out as a color stylist at Disney TV, then advanced to background painting, working on multiple shows. Following Disney, she went on to Paramount and then Warner Bros. Some projects she has contributed to include: Veggie Tales, My Little Pony, The Pirate Fairy, Sofia the First, Penn Zero, Wonder Park, Animaniacs, Green Eggs and Ham, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai. In addition to film and television,      Danielle has also created concept art for Disney Interactive games.

     When she's not working for a client, Danielle enjoys traveling and plein air painting, both digitally and traditionally with gouache and/or watercolors.

Danielle is located in Burbank, California and is interested in remote and onsite work in the Los Angeles area. 

Download Resume HERE

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Danielle Powers
Danielle Powers Visual Resume
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